Jennie Turton.

Jennie is an accomplished Certified Professional, Leadership, Life, and Somatic Coach, as well as a Certified Coach Trainer, with two decades of experience in facilitating transformative human development. She has certified hundreds of coaches while maintaining a thriving private practice since 2010. Jennie's unique coaching methodology integrates breathwork, play, somatic exercises, and trauma-informed techniques, fostering personal breakthroughs and enabling individuals to realize their objectives. Her deep commitment to merging neuroscience, holistic healing, and personal growth ensures that her clients attain peak potential and profound contentment. Her influence extends across diverse sectors, including collaborations with major corporations like Google and significant contributions to the nonprofit sector. Jennie’s clientele includes high-profile personalities such as top-tier music composers, actors, politicians, university faculty, and pioneering entrepreneurs. Jennie is particularly recognized for her adeptness in steering high-level executives through critical phases of change, crisis, and transformation, ensuring they gain enhanced integration, authority, and insight. She specializes in managing the intricate dynamics of personal and professional life transitions, empowering clients to emerge more robust and self-assured. Holding a Master’s degree from Regent University, Jennie has obtained Professional, Life, and Somatic coaching certifications from prestigious organizations like the Lifeforming Institute and the Hendricks Institute. Her extensive knowledge and unwavering commitment to human advancement make Jennie Turton an essential partner for executives seeking to lead with efficacy, agility, and resilience.

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Jennie Turton

Founder, A Sacred Space for Restoring the Feminine Soul; Transformational Healer, Speaker

Let me help you find your joy again, uncover your deepest essence, and live your most abundant life. You're don't have to walk this path alone.

Jennie Turton

Cherie Enriquez
Former Special Education Teacher

Jennie, my dear friend, life coach, and spiritual guidance counselor, I just wanted to write and let you know how much my family and I appreciate the loving care that you have shown me over the past year. Trauma that I have experienced in the past has proved to be burdensome, affecting my relationships as well as my health, and proving difficult to heal from. You have made such an impact in my life, and in turn, my family’s life. This past year, I have taken a deep dive into learning so much about myself, the lessons that Creator has taught me, and how I can continue to grow. You have shown me how to allow Spirit to comfort me in my pain, to determine the path that He has laid out for me, and to find joy in my life again. You have such a remarkable gift of being able to help others learn to become whole again. My family and I appreciate you immensely! People say one person can’t make a difference in the world... but we know that isn’t true, because we’ve seen the difference you make in the lives of those you have touched around you. With much love and immense gratitude!

M. Ramirez

M. Ramirez
Personal Trainer

Thank you for everything Jennie! You played a pivotal role in helping me get through what has been by far the hardest and darkest part of my life. Our sessions gave me something to look forward to week after week and taught me more about myself than I have ever known. Each session gave me more hope and confidence that I could overcome what I was going through and become stronger because of it. I can't thank you enough for what you did for me! You are truly an amazing coach, and God placed you in front of me very intentionally.

D. Braunel

D. Braunel

Happy birthday!!! And not just any happy birthday but a happy birthday and. THANK YOU!!! Just a little example here of what my life and happiness has become. I don’t know if I would have it without your help. You helped me become the man I always dreamed of and wanted to be! I can’t believe it’s been about 10 years now, but since our first meeting.... I quit my job that was soul sucking I went back to school Found a career that I LOVE and thrive at! Have gotten to do some traveling (want to do more) Gotten closer to family and friends while cutting toxic people out Stood up in 7 weddings BOUGHT my first home Spent months renovating and had fun doing it Been told by family and friends that they don’t even recognize me from who I was And now two weeks ago I got engaged!!! And so all I can truly say is THANK YOU! I remember from our very first sit down “what is it that you want out of this?” “I’m sick and tired of being a 23/24 year old boy, I want to be a 23/24 year old man” So thank you for helping me to become the man I have.

Amy Robinson

Amy Robinson
Chef, Epicurean Santa Barbara

During a time in my life where I had to make some difficult choices professionally, Jennie's warm-hearted and structured guidance was crucial in my decision-making. Through our active meetings where we delved deep into my goals, aspirations, and life choices, she has helped me organize my thoughts and plans, and has been instrumental in my recent professional development. She is fantastic listener, and her creativity and open-mindedness makes me feel at ease. I know that with whatever topics I bring to our meetings, she will offer unique and logical view points and inquiries that always lead to the right decisions; and most importantly, a sense of calm, control, and enthusiasm for my work. Thank you, Jennie!

Katie Korzen

Working with Jennie has been an incredible adventure. She is delightfully honest and works hard to bring clarity in getting to the core of what it is you truly desire, building authentic self empowerment. She also is a powerful energetic healer, meeting you where you are, guiding you to become grounded. She genuinely wants to see you succeed and because of this, our ability to make what we want happen became a reality we were able to live in right away. She saw what we were made of and wouldn't let us settle for any less than our highest abilities to succeed.

CCS Graduate

Patty Gerstenberger
Crosspoint Coaching

I chose to train with Jennie because of the interactive programming and additional support for a business launch that it provided. Throughout my training, I loved meeting other students who, like me, were just starting out and pursuing certification through the online program. Jennie's highly effective training has provided me a map for coaching and taught me the art of being an effective listener and asking the right questions. These skills have provided me the tools I need to be an effective catalyst for change in my clients and to strengthen my personal relationships. This program has allowed me to merge my passions and build a business that launches my clients into successful new seasons through the instruction I attained. I love what I am doing and I am grateful that I chose this certification. It is without reservation that I highly recommend Jennie's program!

J Howell
Regional Director, National Non-Profit

I was stuck. I was in a new leadership position and for three years our non-profit had steadily declined. I was feeling defeated. For 12 sessions over the next 6 months, Jennie met with me. She came alongside, understood my challenges and worked with me to overcome barriers. I learned how to “tap” my team’s energy, how to motivate my team with hope and opportunity instead of fear and fight, how to engage conflict…and much more. The results, amazing. Our organization doubled in just over two years. Joy and excitement returned to my work. Jennie has since then come to lead my whole team in a weekend workshop and worked with other individuals in our organization. Each time, results have been remarkable, effective and life-giving. In 22 years of work in my field, I’ve attended countless trainings. My time with Jennie stands head and shoulders above everything else. It was the most effective investment ever made in my growth and development.

Lori Bohning, Transformational Coach

In March of 2015, I lost my husband after a long battle with cancer. When he passed away, I was broken, tired, and stuck. I knew I needed help, but not just from anyone, it had to be with someone that could help me walk through the grief journey in a purposeful and intentional way. I wanted to learn and grow through my pain. Jennie was amazing from day one. She walked me through some very intense and emotional sessions by using tools and techniques that really tapped into some deep wounds. It was life changing. Jennie isn’t afraid to step into those wounds with you and help you in all aspects of the journey. I was amazed by her expertise in all areas. She helped me not only with my grief and loss, but also to step out of my fear, set boundaries, explore who I am, find my confidence, and engage in self-care. Because of her, I have come out of being stuck, and I have been able to have peace with myself and my life. I would 100% recommend Jennie to any woman who is hurting, stuck, lost, or lacks confidence.


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