Jennie Turton.

I've been called a spiritual guide, coach, facilitator, healer. I think I've been most excited to be called a Soul Artist. My art is to help your soul come to life. When you are free to be truly you, my work is complete.

Let me help you find your way home to your deepest essence....perhaps for the very first time.

Learn how to help others find their way to wholeness, greatness and their deepest joy.

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Jennie Turton

Founder, Christian Coaching School; Transformational Healer, Speaker

Let me help you find your joy again, uncover your truest most free self, and live your most abundant life. You're don't have to walk this path alone.

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Josh Howell
Regional Director, InterVarsity Red River Region

I was stuck. I was in a new leadership position and for three years our ministry had steadily declined. I was feeling defeated. For 12 sessions over the next 6 months, Jennie met with me. She came alongside, understood my challenges and worked with me to overcome barriers. I learned how to “tap” my team’s energy, how to motivate my team with hope and opportunity instead of fear and fight, how to engage conflict…and much more. The results, amazing. Our ministry doubled in just over two years. Joy and excitement returned to my work. Jennie has since then come to lead my whole team in a weekend workshop and worked with other individuals in our organization. Each time, results have been remarkable, effective and life-giving. In 22 years of vocational ministry, I’ve attended countless trainings. My time with coach Jennie stands head and shoulders above everything else. It was the most effective investment ever made in my growth and development.


In March of 2015, I lost my husband after a long battle with cancer. I had been a caregiver for several years along with, being a mom of two young children. We left our hometown to be closer to the cancer center, and that left us without a support network. A year after the move, my husband passed away. When he passed away, I was broken, tired, and stuck. When I say “stuck”, it was real in a way where I was not able to do what I set out to do every day. There were days where I would drop the kids off at school and stare at a wall. I knew I needed help, but not just from anyone, it had to be with someone that could help me walk through the grief journey in a purposeful and intentional way. I wanted to learn and grow through my pain. I wanted also wanted to know who I was now that my whole life has changed. I searched for Christian life coaches and I saw a video of Jennie on a live interview. I was impressed with her knowledge, expertise, and how passionate she was when she talked about coaching others. I called Jennie immediately and she started coaching me the following week. She was amazing from day one. She listened and knew what to ask me, but never gave advice or pushed me in any direction. She encouraged me to listen to myself and to hear that voice inside myself. There was so much noise inside my head and so much anxiety inside me that we needed to break that down. She walked me through some very intense and emotional sessions by using tools and techniques that really tapped into some deep wounds. It was life changing. I was able to work through my PTSD and anxiety that really had me feeling so stuck and depressed. Jennie is gifted. She isn’t afraid to step into those wounds with you and help you in all aspects of the journey. I was amazed by her expertise in all areas. She helped me not only with my grief and loss, but she also helped me prioritize my long list of “to dos”, helped me set some goals, take chances, step out of my fear, learn how to set boundaries, explore who I am and what I like, helped me with being confident, taught me the importance of meditation and being present, and self-care. The thing that I learned most was that joy and peace doesn’t come from our circumstances, but from just being present with God. I loved that she would pray with me and really center her sessions on His power and strength. Jennie will meet you right where you are in your life. She is always learning more ways to help her clients, and she attends many seminars and retreats so that her clients get the best coaching experience. Because of Jennie, I have come out of being stuck and I have been able to have peace with myself and my life. That is huge. I am not anxious and I appreciate simply being still before making a decision. I am able to hear that voice inside me, and I know how important it is for me to listen and be still every day. I have stepped into my fears, for example, I have started a widow’s ministry in the community. I just took a leap of faith, and I know that any bumps along the way is just a part of learning and the journey. I have also decided to go back to school in August. As far as my grief goes, I am grateful. I am grateful that God gave me the time He did with my husband, it was an honor, and the way I slay the grief is through gratitude and the presence of God. I find adversity to be a gift. I would never have understood the heart of a widow nor started a widow ministry had I not experienced it for myself. I would 100% recommend Jennie to any woman that is hurting, stuck, lost, lacks confidence, or just needs to coaching in any area of their life!

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ASHLEY “I reached out to Jennie after having my second child at 30 years old. I was a teacher turned stay-at-home mom, on the mission field in a part of the world I had never previously considered living, and I had just committed to serving abroad for 4 more years. And I was slowly unraveling. I remember it being my baby’s first birthday, and after we celebrated, I walked into my room, closed and locked the door, and wept uncontrollably for hours. I knew something had to change, but had no idea where to even begin. I’m so thankful my friend recommended me to Jennie. Each week (after meeting with Jennie), I felt something in me come back to life. I told my husband talking to Jennie was like talking to a best friend. She listens with such care and compassion, and I’ve still never met anyone who asks questions as well as she does (8 years later!). Her insights are inspired by the Holy Spirit, and she has so many tools in her toolbelt to offer her clients on top of so many years of experience. Once we reached the end of our coaching journey, I even took her coaching class because I was so convinced of the process, and so impressed with Jennie as a coaching professional. I’ve also reached out several times since our first journey and gotten some “tune-up” coaching during times I felt overwhelmed or stuck in certain areas of my life. I can’t recommend Jennie enough!” - Ashley, Missionary


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